How to buy 300,000 stocks

How to buy 300,000 stocks

This week, the risk window period between the first phase of the agreement and the signing will end. The current reserved positions for the annual report & quarterly report’s profit-driven market are more cost-effective. In the short-term configHow to buy 300,000 stocksuration, it is recommended to continue to explore new electrical/mechanical equipment (such as Industrial control, industrial robots, etc.).

On November 2, the A-share automotive sector rose sharply again. The share price of Xingyu shares (601799), which specializes in passenger car lamps, hit a new high since its listing in 2011; Jiangling Motors’ share price closed the third since October 28 Daily limit.

The third is the easing of Sino-US economic and trade relations. This point was announced on the 13th by both sides, saying that the text of the first phase of the economic and trade agreement has reached an agreement. Later, it is said that signing the text should be a gradual process of landing, so this is the three major catalysts for us to talk about the spring market.

The electronics industry is in the initial stage of the big cycle, and demand, technology updates, and supply chain market share are increasing. These three driving forces are all rising. GF Jurui Fund Manager Fei Yi believes that the epidemic is only an exogenous one-off impact and will not have a disruptive impact on the long-term value of companies with a deep moat. He is optimistic about the electronics industry in the long term.

Judging from yesterday's disk, among the 28 industries in the level of Shenwan, 23 industries rose. Before the rise in the pharmaceutical and biological, media, and leisure service industries, they rose by 71%, 25%, and 71% respectively. In the concept sector, RCS, mobile internet, and mobile resale are on the rise. The rise of the RCS sector stopped, the RCS index rose by 17%, and the rise of Wutong Holdings, Shenzhou Taiyue, and Sanwu Internet in the sector stopped.

The recent independence and resilience of A shares have become more and more obvious. The rise How to buy 300,000 stocksof the market depends more on the strength of the main capital. Since September, Beijing Capital has become the main driving force for this round of market conditions. The Shanghai Stock Exchange Index returned to 3000 points, and market sentiment was significantly boosted. In the long run, the valuation of A shares is attractive and the risk premium is at a favorable level, providing a good opportunity for strategic allocation.

This week, the Wells Fargo Innovative Trends Stock Fund, to be managed by star fund manager Li Yuanbo, will be officially launched. The fund is likely to be a new hot spot in the fund circle. Li Yuanbo has 11 years of experience in the securities industry and nearly 6 years as an investment manager. He has been deeply involved in the TMT field, but he is not limited to this. In the course of many years of investment, Li Yuanbo's ability circle has continuously expanded to broad-based growth stocks. In the fund bar and post bar, Li Yuanbo has a good reputation and popularity, and is deeply loved by investors. As of July 8, the four funds currently under management by Li Yuanbo have all returned more than 75%.

Judging from the flow of major funds from 28 industries at Shenwan I, market sentiment is still relatively stable, with a total of 10 industries showing net inflows, basically the same as last week. However, it should be noted that only one industry has a net inflow of more than 1 billion yuan, that is, 2.9 billion yuan in the pharmaceutical and biological industry, which shows that the market is less enthusiastic.

After the completion of this capital increase and share expansion, Hisense Electronics Holdings no longer meets the conditions for defining state-owned actual controlling shareholders, and the actual controllers of Hisense Video and Hisense Home Appliances will be changed from Qingdao SASAC to no actual controller. Hisense Group and Hisense Electronics Holdings promised in writing that there was no concerted action arrangement after the mixed reform, and they were not persons acting in concert.