Stock right operation

Stock right operation

[Receipt] The result of Zhaoyan New Drug's online purchase was announced. There were 18,450 winning numbers. Zhaoyan New Medicine (603127) According to the "Issuance Announcement", the issuer and the sponsor (lead underwriter) had a meeting on the Stock right operationfourth floor of the Purple Mountain Hotel, No. 778 Dongfang Road, Pudong, in the morning of August 16, 2017 (T+1) Shihaitang Hall hosted the lottery winning ceremony of Zhaoyan New Drug's IPO online issuance. The lottery lottery ceremony was conducted in accordance with the principles of openness, fairness, and justice. The lottery lottery process and results have been notarized by the Municipal Oriental Notary Office. The result of the winning lottery is as follows: Any investor participating in the online issuance of Zhaoyan New Pharmaceutical’s A shares holding the same subscription number with the same number as the above-mentioned number is the winning lot number. There are 18,450 winning numbers, and each winning number can only subscribe for 1,000 A-shares of Zhaoyan New Medicine.

After lowering the standard in March, the central bank suddenly made a move last Friday, which not only lowered the standard again, but it is also rare to drastically reduce the interest rate on excess reserves that had no activity 12 years ago. Excess reserves are the money that major commercial banks put in the central bank. The total scale has reached 5 trillion US dollars. Now interest rates have dropped by more than half, which is a special cut in this part of funds. The purpose is obviously to force bank loans, but now all industries have some difficulties. Especially affected by the epidemic, many foreign companies are facing the dilemma of shrinking foreign orders. So, won't the money flow to the real economy as the central bank expected? It's actually a big problem. According to the nature of the capital's pursuit of benefits, the probability of this part of the capital flowing to the entity is very low. As a result, banks are also reluctant to take risks. In addition to the stock market, as an industrialist on Tuesday, Treasury bond futures also rose sharply, and many varieties were exposed to the rise and stopped, and set a record high. Banks are more willing to buy bonds than SMEs. Of course, the risk-free returns of treasury bonds have suppressed the low yield, and banks have also allocated a lot of bonds before that. Next time bonds are not very profitable, they will not choose to pay dividends. According to past regulations, policies encourage bank deposits and asset management funds to enter the stock market. Therefore, the central bank's fall pattern and fall pattern seem to have little effect on the market of A-shares. If there is a background of loose liquidity, the stock market will not have the problem of insufficient money. What is lacking is the self-confidence of the market. The index seems to have recovered all of a sudden. Investors' mood quickly returned from pessimism to optimism. In case it rises and the market divides again, don't investors' feelings return to pessimism again? Therefore, we do not have to be affected by emotions due to the downgrade of the single-day market. We must maintain a more strategic awareness and respond to market changes more reasonably and flexibly. Especially for those who currently hold stocks, take advantage of the current rebound and rise in sales. As a result, some stocks that are not logically clear will not miss the opportunity to reclaim outstanding stocks while grasping market hotspots and maintaining a sense of the market. People who don't have stocks don't need to care too much. Now that there is an opportunity in the market, we may not be able to stop the loss immediately. For example, the big consumption concept we have locked in has been performing at this time. The main line style has recently appeared in various places to stimulate consumption. The issuance of consumer vouchers is also increasing. Big, and here, therefore, from the perspective of short games, the big consumption potential is still worth exploring. Of course, in the big consumer, some stocks have risen by a large margin, and there is also the possibility of differentiation after the rise on Tuesday, so you can focus on the relatively low stock prices and the film media and catering sectors that have the potential to rise to find relatively stable performance. Pay attention to stocks with high industry status and famous film releases

Most investors tend to think more about how to make money, but think little about how to prevent loss. In a speculative market, controlling risk should be the first priority. If the risk of speculation cannot be avoided, it is impossible to make investment money. Therefore, the correctness of ideas and methods should be based on risk control. Regardless of whether you make money or not, you must first consider how you don't lose money. When you have a risk, you should avoid it first. Rather than take risks, you can only make money if you first ensure that you do not lose money. When there are risks in the market and individual stocks, you must avoid them first, and you should operate when the opportunities outweigh the risks. Don't do it when you don't understand or are not sure, and do it resolutely when you are sure. It is impossible to seize every opportunity in the market.

According to "Jingyin Insurance Regulatory Punishment Juezi [2020] No. 23", Bank of Beijing assumed the obligation to repurchase the asset transfer business due to violation of interbank investment, the risk classification of interbank investment assets was not adjusted in time, risk exposure was delayed, and the fee management policy was not strictly implemented , Illegal collection of relevant fees, weak management of personal loan self-payment, and illegal flow of loan funds into the stock market and housing market. The Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau has been approved by the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau in accordance with Article 21, Article 46, and Article 40 of the Banking Regulatory Law. The eight articles ordered corrections and a total fine of 1.5 million yuan; in addition, natural person Zhang Hua was given a warning.

Judging from the official release of the three quarterly reports of previous years, after the long holiday of November, the disclosure of the three quarterly reports of A-share listed companies in 2020 will officially kick off. Although the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges no longer require certain sector-listed companies to disclose in advance, But for now, there are still 501 companies that have announced their three-quarter report performance expectations in advance.

Northeast Securities believes that the biggest feature of the July market is the high volatility, which brings the possibility of switching short-term styles to low-valuedStock right operation finance, real estate, and traditional cycles. In addition, the conflict between China and the United States continues, and the domestic cycle has been mentioned many times by policies; in mid-to-late August, the interim report will enter a centralized disclosure period, and the improvement of the domestic demand system and the mid-term report market oriented consumption and technology high-quality stocks will continue Worthy of attention. Key concerns: 1) There is still room for valuation restoration in low-value blue chips such as short-term finance, real estate, and traditional cycles. 2) The major domestic cycle requires the establishment of a complete domestic demand system, and consumption and technology are still medium and long-term oriented. 3) Judging from the performance forecast of the interim report, technology and consumption profit growth are dominant. 4) Banking, real estate and other industries are currently at low historical quintiles, and sub-sectors such as consumer, technology components, and white goods may be supplemented.

Financial News On August 17, when Huang Xiaoming’s account was involved in the 1.8 billion share price manipulation case that was of concern to the market, Chang Depeng, a spokesperson for the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said on the 17th that Gao Yong’s manipulation case had been released to the public and Huang Xiaoming was not included as a party to the illegal act. According to relevant laws, when the Securities Regulatory Commission investigates a securities and futures case, it will take measures in accordance with the law against the parties, individuals and institutions related to the incident under investigation, and the party under investigation must cooperate. If it is found that there are others suspected of manipulating the case, it will be severely punished. No loan. The following are other key points from the regular press conference of the China Securities Regulatory Commission: China Securities Regulatory Commission: Suspend Dagong International's securities rating business for one year. Chang Depeng, spokesman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said on the 17th that Dagong International's securities rating business was suspended for one year. During the inspection, the China Securities Regulatory Commission found that, first, Dagong International and its affiliated companies share official seals, and internal management is chaotic; second, while issuing services for multiple issuers, it charges high fees for consulting services; third, membership qualifications do not meet the requirements; It is the missing drafts of some rating items. The Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau decided to allow Dagong International to make rectification within a period of one year, and not to engage in the securities rating business and replace unqualified senior management personnel. The China Securities Regulatory Commission imposed penalties on seven insider trading cases and Chang Depeng, a spokesperson for the securities regulatory commission related to mergers and acquisitions, said at a press conference on August 17 that the China Securities Regulatory Commission imposed penalties on seven insider trading cases recently. Among them, three insider trading involved shares of Han Ding Yuyou, one was insider trading by Moen Electric, two insider trading involved Digital China, and one involved Jiangnan Water. He said that of the above-mentioned 7 insider transactions, 6 were related to mergers and acquisitions of listed companies. M&As are prone to and high-incidence areas for insider transactions. The Securities Regulatory Commission will continue to severely crack down on illegal activities in this field. China Securities Regulatory Commission established a database of administrative punishment experts. Chang Depeng, spokesperson of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at a press conference on August 17 that recently, the China Securities Regulatory Commission has established a database of administrative punishment experts in related fields such as law, accounting, evaluation, and finance, including well-known jurists. , University scholars, government officials, industry elites, etc. became the first batch of experts. The establishment of an expert database will help law enforcement move to a new level of professional authority. China Securities Regulatory Commission: The review time for mergers and acquisitions will be shortened. For Wanhua Chemical’s absorption and merger of Wanhua Chemical’s restructuring, Chang Depeng, the spokesperson of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at a press conference on August 17 that the China Securities Regulatory Commission attaches great importance to serving the development of the real economy. Give full play to the positive functions of mergers and acquisitions, support supply-side structural reforms, actively serve the national strategy, and deepen the market-oriented reform of mergers and acquisitions. The China Securities Regulatory Commission has substantially cancelled and simplified administrative licensing procedures, and more than 90% of mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations no longer require the China Securities Regulatory Commission to review. He also said that the China Securities Regulatory Commission will crack down on flickering and follow-up reorganization chaos, and serve to speed up the review. In the first half of the year, A-share mergers and acquisitions were more active, with a total of 2,047 reorganizations, close to the level of last year, with an amount of 15 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 40.5%. The rapid approval of Wanhua Chemical’s merger application reflects the attitude of the China Securities Regulatory Commission in supporting mergers and acquisitions of listed companies. The China Securities Regulatory Commission will also improve the channel separation plan, shorten the review time, study the supervision mechanism, complete the suspension and resumption system of listed companies, study and explore the small rapid merger and acquisition channel system, and use scientific and technological means to ensure rapid and efficient merger and acquisition review.