How to operate gold and silver stocks

How to operate gold and silver stocks

From the above overall judgment on the broader market, it can be seen that the current market is a typical shock market, and structural hot spots are the main feature of the current downturn. In view of this situation, what investors need to do is to track the potential hot spots that have not risen sharply, but in terms of trading strategies, they cannot chase the rise too violently. It is better to buy low in the time-sharing chart. Varieties with huge gains should be avoided as much as possible. Fangda Carbon, the largest bull stock in the previous market, set a new adjustment low today. Although it rebounded in the afternoon, it is not ruled out that there will be a certain rebound in the future. However, due to the huge short-term gains of the stock, the overall risk is greater than the return. Investment People need to How to operate gold and silver stocksbe treated with caution.

[Lin Yuan's latest view: Shanghai Composite Index will enter a real bull market when it exceeds 4300 points] Lin Yuan pointed out in the road show yesterday: Now the entire market is now entering the early stage of the bull market, and we are increasingly firm in this judgment. Various indicators, phenomena, and various performances of the market all show that the market is in the early stage of a bull market. Everyone has to understand what a bull market is. The bull market comes in rotation. If you buy at this time, most stocks cannot be used to cover people. This is called a bull market. When will the real bull market begin? We judge that if the Shanghai Composite Index exceeds 4300 points, then the bull market has truly begun. Now is the beginning of the deduction of the bull market, the end of the bear and the beginning of the bull. This judgment is very important, and it will guide how to operate in the second half of the year. (Securities Times Network)

A-shares have nurtured a number of leading companies in the industry in 30 years. In terms of total market value, the threshold for the top 30 A-shares is close to 300 billion yuan, and Kweichow Moutai (600519), which has the highest market value, exceeds 3 trillion yuan. From the date of listing to the statistical deadline, the highest increase exceeded 600 times, and the threshold for the top 30 was 52 times.

In 2019, many shared power bank companies carried out mergers and acquisitions after financing, resulting in further concentration of industry resources. With the continuous deepening of the existing market and the continuous exploration of innovative models, the shared power bank industry is likely to evolve from a situation where several companies are in charge of a single power bank. Zhang Bo analyzed that due to the relatively stable early-stage profit model and solid foundation, shared power banks may become a rare industry in the shared economy that can continue to make profits.

From a long-term perspective, Bohai Securities still recommends the following investment lines: 1. Tax-free industries with clear logic and strong barriers; 2. Focus on leaders in the hotel industry with low valuations and greater flexibility; 3. More reliance on ticket revenue A high-quality scenic spot company with low cost and ability to replicate in different places. Recommend CDF, Jinjiang Hotel and Songcheng Performing Arts.

In addition, in the full text of the Politburo meeting, we also saw that other regions need to dynamically adjust the regulations on the management and health monitoring of migrants from Han, and exchange information on mutual recognition nucleic acid testing and isolation observation with Hubei Province and Wuhan City. It is necessary to strHow to operate gold and silver stocksengthen policy support for the economic and social development of Hubei Province and Wuhan City and guarantee the livelihood of the people, and help the people to solve the practical difficulties in employment, income, and schooling. We believe that on the one hand, emphasizing the mutual recognition of testing and isolation between the outside world and Hubei will help reduce the isolation time and promote the resumption of work. On the other hand, to solve the employment problem in Hubei and Wuhan, it is standard that normal work across the country should be carried out and should not be normalized. Prevention and control as a reason.

With more resources, better education, and a better living environment, the young people have a completely different investment attitude from those born in the 60s, 70s and even 80s. Some of them use stock trading as a learning tool, and some take stock trading as a career. The well-educated post-90s have more professional knowledge reserves than the former wavers, and value investment has become their core investment logic.