Buy stocks there

Buy stocks there

In addition to the most critical advantages of the HJT heterojunction battery, it also has the advantages of thinning of the N-type substrate silicon wafer, basically no light-induced attenuation, excellent temperature coefficient, and low-temperature process to reduce energy consumption. At present, the main reasons for the large-scale industrialization of heterojunction batteries are the high cost of manufacturing equipment, the high cost of auxiliary materials such as silver paste, and the relatively low production yield. We estimate that under the current typical efficiency and cost difference between heterojunction batteries and PERC batteries, the difference in the LCOE cost of power station applications between heterojunction batteries and PERC batteries is about 0.03-0.05 yuan/kWh, and the industry is fully equipped With the increase in the localization rate and output of equipment and auxiliary materials, related costs are expected to decrease. With the continuous improvement ofBuy stocks there the conversion efficiency of superimposed batteries, the cost-effectiveness of heterojunction batteries is expected to gradually appear.

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For retail investors, it is not only necessary to dynamically analyze changes in the company's profitability, but also to grasp the quality of the company's profitability, and see if the company's profitability is gold on paper. Generally speaking, if the company's profitability declines in its annual indicators, it is often a sign that the company's mid- and long-term operations have turned to a disadvantage. When the company's profitability declines, it is necessary to pay special attention to whether the company's scale is expanded and whether it can maintain the total profit or net profit. When the company's profitability increases, it is generally necessary to eliminate the influence of accidental factors and seasonal factors to determine whether this increase in profitability can be sustained.

In addition to the new iPhone, the Apple conference also launched the MagSafe charger, which can charge the iPhone and AppleWatch at the same time, supports 15W wireless charging, and the product is priced at 329 yuan.

At the 2021 National Industry and Information Work Conference held here, Xiao Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that it is necessary to implement industrial low-carbon actions and green manufacturing projects around the carbon peak and carbon neutral target nodes. As an energy-intensive industry, the steel industry must resolutely reduce crude steel output to ensure a year-on-year decline in crude steel output. It is reported that in 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will vigorously implement industrial low-carbon initiatives and green manufacturing projects, and at the same time further increase its efforts to resolutely reduce crude steel output, and will issue a new version of the implementation measures for capacity replacement in the steel industry, and improve the capacity information early warning release mechanism. (Xinhua News Agency)

□According to a reporter from Shanghai Securities News, since September 1st, 24 listed companies have announced that their major shareholders have terminated their shareholding reduction plans ahead of schedule, their capital needs have been met, the company is optimistic about the development of the company, shareholders or company errors and other factors, these major shareholders The main reason for the early terminaBuy stocks theretion of the reduction plan.

On the 6th, the first trading day of A-shares in May was not affected by the sharp fall in the external market during the holiday, and closed strongly. Technology stocks and the sci-tech innovation board where technology stocks are concentrated have exploded, 16 years after listing on the Hong Kong stock market, SMIC's official announcement of the sci-tech innovation board is listed. From the perspective of industry insiders, SMIC can obtain more financial support when seeking A-share listing. Superimposed on the previous Huawei's transfer of orders to SMIC, the process of localization of semiconductors is expected to accelerate, detonating technology stocks.