Aurora stock price

Aurora stock price

Sixth, enrich and improve the delisting indicators, adjust the continuous net profit loss indicator to a composite indicator where the lower net profit before and after the deduction of non-recurring gains and losses is negative and the operating income is less than 100 million yuan, and the market value for 20 consecutive trading days has been added Transaction delisting indicators of lessAurora stock price than 500 million yuan and information disclosure or standardized operations that have major defects and have not been corrected on time.

Regarding the recent market evolution, although the index has not yet fully stabilized, Fan Bo of AVIC Securities has not stopped studying the hotspot structure. From the characteristics of the hotspot rotation in the past weak market, it can be found that there is an obvious difference between theme stocks and sub-new stocks. We have also continued to interpret the characteristics of rotation in our recent views, and believe that investors who continue to pay attention to us should feel deeply moved. The recent views can be summed up in three points: After the continuous surge in the concept of Xiong'an, it has gradually become bearish. New hot spots are expected to start brewing. Lock the new hot spot in the sub-new stock sector again.

In addition, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals and biology are also representatives of high gross profit margins and high yields. Over the past two decades, the annual gross profit margins of the two major industries have been much higher than the overall level of A-shares. In recent years, the return on equity of the food and beverage industry has gradually widened the gap with the overall A-shares. Last year, the return on equity of the food and beverage industry Reaching 135%, the difference with the overall A shares widened to more than 7 percentage points. Even under the impact of this year's epidemic, the overall revenue and net profit of A-shares have experienced a rare and sharp decline. The food, beverage, pharmaceutical and biological industries still maintained a growth rate of more than 10% in the first half of the year.

In October 2019, the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau issued the "Notice on Regulating Banks and Fintech Companies Cooperation and Internet Insurance Business"; in December 2019, Li Mingxiao, the director of the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, specialized in cooperation between banks and financial technology companies Writing articles on risks and supervision of similar businesses.

Judging from the performance of active partial stock funds in 2019, the front runners also show strong technological attributes. Take GF Shuangqing, which won the champion of active partial stock fund, as an example. Among the top ten stocks of the fund in the third quarter of 2019, there are 7 electronic stocks and 2 computer stocks-software and Great Wall (000066).

This time it is initially determined that 128 drugs will be included in the scope of the proposed negotiation, including 109 western medicines and 19 Chinese patent medicines, far exceeding the 44 varieties negotiated in 2017. The therapeutic areas of these drugs mainly involve major diseases such as cancer and rare diseases, hepatitis C, hepaAurora stock pricetitis B, and chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. Industry insiders believe that the scope of this negotiation has greatly expanded compared with the 44 medical insurance negotiation scopes in 2017 and the 18 medical insurance negotiation scopes in 2018, reflecting the support for the availability of innovative drugs at home and abroad. The complete list of 128 drugs has not been disclosed this time, and will be announced later.

The A-share market continued to be hot. The Shanghai Composite Index rose 31% this week to close at 33,832 points; the Shenzhen Component Index rose 96% this week to close at 136,724 points; the GEM index rose 183% to close at 27746 points this week. This week, the total turnover of A-shares in Shanghai and Shenzhen stocks reached 19 trillion yuan.

However, the northward capital, which has always been called smart money, seems to be incompatible with market enthusiasm in the short-term adjustment of positions. According to data, on November 3, foreign investors chose to flee the auto sector at a high level. Together with the industries that were sold were home appliances, automobiles, building materials, basic chemicals, and pharmaceuticals, they bought banks, non-bank finance, non-ferrous metals, computers, media, etc. industry.

From the perspective of market significance, although some commodities have risen in price, the trend of this price increase is still controllable, and the CPI data only increased by 4%, which in itself shows that the momentum of this price increase has not yet formed inflationary pressure. As a result, the management pressure on price-increasing products is expected to be relatively small. Therefore, the regulatory pressure on price-increasing products is expected to be small in the short term, so the risks faced by the stock prices of listed companies related to these varieties are still not large. Big. In addition, the absolute value of the data is still at a relatively small stage. That is to say, even if the later price increases begin to affect the data, the data will only enter the stage of moderate inflation. Once this stage is entered, more cyclical varieties are expected Will benefit.

Judging from the positions held in the first quarter of this year, Stellite’s top ten tradable shareholders are relatively stable. Among them, the holdings of 4 institutions including Langsheng Investment () Co., Ltd. have not changed. Only 2 companies including Ruiyi Investment Panshan Phase 7 Private Equity Securities Investment Fund have reduced their holdings by a total of about 580,000 shares.