How to start stock trading

How to start stock trading

The announcement shows that the purchase of Hanhui Pharmaceutical’s equity consists of three methods: Hisun Pharmaceuticals intends to pay 1.5 billion yuan in cash, and 65% of the remaining transaction price will be paid by the issued shares of the listed company (about 14.4-14 billion yuan). 35% of the remainingHow to start stock trading transaction price will be paid by the listed company issuing convertible corporate bonds (about 9.3-4.4 billion yuan).

March 12 may enter the history of global finance. That night, 6 minutes after the opening of U.S. stocks, the three major stock indexes collectively fell below 7%, triggering the fuse mechanism and suspending trading for 15 minutes. This was the second fuse of U.S. stocks in a week and the third time in history.

However, if consumer stocks continue to rise, individual investors begin to purchase public funds on a large scale, which really triggers the positive feedback of grouping-rising-subscribing-buying original positions-continuing to rise, and this positive feedback will trigger a valuation premium. The emergence of the consumer sector in the United States in the 70s is not impossible.

This time the concept of the new infrastructure was mentioned again, and the relevant departments have made detailed plans for the areas it contains. Specifically, it includes seven major areas: 5G base station construction, UHV, inter-city high-speed railway and inter-city rail transit, new energy vehicle charging piles, big data centers, artificial intelligence and industrial Internet.

The team said that the inclusion of A shares with a certain weight by the international index compilation company in 2018-2019 basically solved the problem of standard allocation benchmarks, which is convenient for overseas allocation agencies that do relative income to weigh high or low allocations by comparing standard weights. It also makes A-shares a must-select from an optional option in the past.

However, the total financing scale of the A-share market this year is 978.3 billion yuan, which is not high compareHow to start stock tradingd to previous years. The A-share market financing scale exceeded 5 trillion yuan in 2019, and even exceeded 2 trillion yuan in 2016.

In the early morning of the 25th local time, the leaders of the White House and the Senate reached a breakthrough agreement involving a US$2 trillion new crown virus rescue plan. On the 24th, US President Trump repeatedly expressed his hope that social control measures would be lifted as soon as possible in his statement to the outside world and economic activities would resume. Trump stated that his team is working very hard to make the reopening of society before Easter (April 12) a reality. However, many local state leaders in the United States and even some Republican congressmen have expressed concern or vigilance about loosening social control measures too quickly.

①Recently, credit bond defaults have frequently impacted market sentiment. Historical data shows that credit defaults have little impact on the stock market, and credit spreads are unlikely to widen significantly during economic recovery. ②The bull-bear cycle is an objective law. The bull market that began in early 19th is still on its way, and it is currently in the two-wheel drive phase of capital and fundamentals. ③In the short and medium term, post-cyclical finance is better, and the main line of the medium and long term is still the technology that represents transformation and upgrading.