Stock trading hours

Stock trading hours

The official Weibo of Beijing’s Daxing District Health Commission announced that two fever patients with a travel history in Wuhan received by medical institutions in Daxing District were tested by the CenteStock trading hoursr for Disease Control and Prevention and evaluated by an expert group based on clinical symptoms and epidemiological investigations , Confirmed as a case of pneumonia infected by the new coronavirus. The two patients have been treated in isolation in designated hospitals. They have no respiratory symptoms and are in stable condition. Daxing District has carried out medical observation of close contacts, and there are no abnormalities such as fever.

On March 29th, the three major indexes opened higher in early trading. The ChiNext index fell under pressure at 1850. At the same time, the Shanghai Index, which had dropped to 3100 points, rose rapidly. From the perspective of the disk, the market trend is switching today, and real estate and resource stocks are rapidly rising when technology stocks dive in early trading. In terms of sector indexes, cement, steel, real estate, securities firms, banks, etc. had the largest gains, while military industry, medical and pharmaceuticals, and electronic equipment performed weakly. In terms of individual stocks, Vanke A was closed in late trading, and large-cap stocks such as China Construction Bank, Midea Group, and Yili (600887, shares) once rose more than 5%.

However, Zheng Lei reminded investors that because the utilization rate of QFII quota was not high before, the abolition of QFII quota limit will have limited effect in attracting incremental foreign investment into the stock market in the short term. The loosening of QFII is actually to broaden channels to attract more investment. More funds entered the country to hedge the risk of foreign capital withdrawal. In my opinion, for some time to come, the focus of foreign investment through QFII will still be the bond market, not stocks. Because compared with the current exchange policy of the stock market, the volatility, duration and scale of bonds are more suitable for large funds to invest in the medium and long-term.

In 2019, A-shares emerged from a round of structural market under the condition of limited overall index gains. Although brokerage stocks and farming stocks dominated the market from January to April 2019, the performance of technology stocks was significantly better from the perspective of the full-year growth rate of 2019.

The third-generation semiconductor materials are mainly wide-gap semiconductor materials represented by silicon carbide (SiC), gallium nitride (GaN), zinc oxide (ZnO), diamond, and aluminum nitride (AlN). In terms of application, according to the development of third-generation semiconductors, its main applications are semiconductor lighting, power electronic devices, lasers and detectors, and four other fields, each with different industrial maturity. In the frontier research field, wide-bandgap semiconductors are still in the laboratory research and development stage. Among them, silicon carbide and gallium nitride are relatively mature technology directions. The fast charging technology currently applied is to use gallium nitride materials.

On February 9, the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council held a press conference to introduce the production and supply of important living materials in the prevention and control of the epidemicStock trading hours. At the press conference, Feng Luzhao, a researcher from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, answered relevant questions that netizens were concerned about.

As for whether the index can continue its strength in the short term. Jufeng Investment Consulting believes that, on the one hand, the main drivers of the index's upward trend are theme stocks, and the heavyweight stocks are relatively stagnant except for brokerages. Once the blue chip stocks make up the rise, the index is still improving;

On the 6th, the first trading day of A-shares in May was not affected by the sharp fall in the external market during the holiday, and closed strongly. Technology stocks and the sci-tech innovation board where technology stocks are concentrated have exploded, 16 years after listing on the Hong Kong stock market, SMIC's official announcement of the sci-tech innovation board is listed. From the perspective of industry insiders, SMIC can obtain more financial support when seeking A-share listing. Superimposed on the previous Huawei's transfer of orders to SMIC, the process of localization of semiconductors is expected to accelerate, detonating technology stocks.